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The Missing Heir?!
heir kobold karameikos


Wild Man Brent joined up with Richard the Wizard, Sir Raymond and Ashley the Thief at the news of a Caravan attack while en route to Restwell Keep. Worse still, the heir of the kingdom of Karameikos was on that Caravan! Prince Stephan IV was headed to see the borderlands to see the mighty Chaos Scar in all its mysterious glory. Unfortunately, since Lord Peridan Drysdale has been trying to keep the trouble Restwell Keep is experiencing under the table, Prince Stephan’s caravan was woefully unprepared for the raid that left a number dead, and even more missing. Drysdale is very apprehensive about this turn of events. He dares not let the tribes know they hold a valuable hostage, but he must try to rescue him immediately. He is hoping to be able to recover the Prince before needing to send a raven of the king’s eldest son’s likely grim fate.

A number of mishaps befell the adventurers before clearing out the Kobold’s nest in it’s entirety. Sadly they found no new information about the prince, and worse still Sir Raymond took a fatal blow in the end.

The heroes returned grimly to Restwell with only grim tidings. After the service for Sir Raymond, the heroes enlisted in the aid of Dame Christina. The Dame, newly invigorated to seek an end to the evil in the Scar, had also found a new companion in her prayers. The somewhat grim, and imposing priest, Father Geronimo.

The Goblins of the Chaos Scar


Dame Christina, Wild Man Brent and a number of companions began searching the Chaos Scar at the request of Lord Peridan Drysdale. Drysdale had asked the companions to get to the bottom of what was going on in the Chaos Scar, a valley said to have been created by a falling star. Various tribes have lived in the area for decades without conflict. That is until recently.

Up until the past few months the tribes that had been at peace and sometimes even trading with the townfolk in Restwell Keep. Something had changed them. Drysdale wants to get to the bottom of it, but with the attacks of the tribes occurring more and more frequently, he can’t spare any soldiers. The heroes set off to get to the bottom of it.

Fighting through waves of goblins in the cave the heroes gained a bit of interesting information from the goblin known as Short Beard. The tribes are offering tribute to some new leaders in the caves. A battle with the goblin chieftain left them with no more information.

A few of the heroes, content with their reward from Drysdale, headed east beyond the King’s Wall to seek new adventures. Wild Man Brent, still not satisfied with what they’d discovered in the cave, decided to find a new group of adventurers to join while Dame Christina sought guidance from Moradin in prayer.

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